Letter to Insurer Requesting Release from Debt

Use this letter to request a release from an insurance debt

  • This sample letter is for people who owe a debt to an insurance company that they cannot pay as a result of a motor vehicle accident for which they were not insured
  • If that is your situation you should also read our “I’ve Had an Accident and I am Uninsured” Fact Sheet.

You should only use this letter if the following are true:

  • You were at fault for the accident and you admit you owe money to the insurer.
  • You cannot afford to pay anything to the insurer (if you can afford something, use the “Offer to Pay Insurance Debt” letter instead).
  • You can prove that you are in financial hardship, and you have evidence to attach to this letter (if you have no evidence of your financial hardship, you should see a free financial counsellor – call 1800 007 007)